Hormone Replacement Therapy

Treatments with body-identical hormones

As we age, we can develop all kinds of complaints that are the result of the reduced production of different hormones. This occurs in both women and men and is called the menopause and andropause.

We can examine your hormonal functions and if necessary provide treatment with the help of body-identical, natural hormones.

Menopausal women in particular benefit greatly from this therapy. Menopause related symptoms can have a major impact on women’s lives. Often these complaints are dealt with, with a “that’s just part of life” approach. We certainly do not share that opinion. The complaints are greatly underestimated and there is something that can be done to improve quality of life. 

Doctor Nora Hendriks:

My professional opinion is that women do not have to suffer through menopause. Of course, following a healthy lifestyle such as no smoking, drinking less alcohol, eating less sugar and exercising regularly is very important. Our life expectancy has risen in recent decades to an average age of 83. If we are lucky enough to live longer, then it is preferably in good health. Staying vital as we grow older, isn’t that what we all want?

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