• Treat the root cause, not just the symptoms.

Dr. Nora Hendriks

Functional Medicine

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Menopause / Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Nora About Hormone Replacement Therapy (Dutch)


Calpe, Spain

Nora is available for consultations in her own clinic in Calpe, Spain.

This is currently the quickest way to book an appointment (limited waitlist).

Call +34 965 831 336 to make an appointment.

The Netherlands

Nora works in two clinics in The Netherlands:

- Huid & Laser, Utrecht. T: +31 30 751 0269

- Jonishi, Waalwijk. T: +31 416 314 946

Call the reception to make an appointment.

International patients

For international patients it's possible to book a video conference / telephone consultation. 

An initial consultation takes up to one hour and includes the creation of your personalised health profile.

To schedule an initial consultation please call +34 965 831 336 or email info@la-alegria.es

I finally feel like I got my life back after getting Hormone Replacement Therapy from Nora


I wish I had known before that you could get treatment for menopause


Nora looks deeper into health issues and tries to find the root cause, rather than treating just my symptoms

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